Sony PlayStation network goes offline again


In yet another of a long line of hiccups, the Sony PlayStation network is down again. The latest downtime was instigated by PlayStation engineers. Engineers shut down the password page in an effort to protect user accounts. User account information compromised The PlayStation hack that originated more than a month ago exposed hundreds of thousands […]

Attack bin Laden in Counter-Strike Source or Kuma Wars II

Fans of first-person shooter video games who wish they’d had the chance to lock and load for the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, can now participate in a re-enactment from the safety of home. According to the Huffington Post, an independent game developer has created a “Counter-Strike: Source” level that accurately […]

We Dare for Wii deemed too racy for US release

Ad Freak reports that French video game publisher and developer Ubisoft won’t be releasing the new Nintendo Wii game “We Dare” in the U.S. Blame it on the United States’ timid view of sexuality and Nintendo’s reputation as a family-friendly brand, opines the video game news and opinion site Joystiq. Apparently, adolescent, non-overt sexual play […]

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., a northern California utility, has agreed to pay $70 million to the California town of San Bruno for a pipeline explosion that killed eight people in 2010. Company says it’s remorseful The San Francisco-based power company’s president, Chris Johns, released a statement Monday, saying PG&E is sorry and eager to […]


Call of Duty: Elite to debut monthly subscription service

Online multi-player first-person shooter fans who love the “Call of Duty” series should expect to pay more for their full metal carnage, reports GamePro. “Call of Duty: Elite,” a monthly subscription service, is currently preparing for beta testing phase and is accepting summer applicants. Speculation is that the service will cost less than $7.99 per […]


Screenshot of a camouflaged sniper from a “Call of Duty” game.
Activision is looking to snipe monthly fees from players with “Call of Duty: Elite.” (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/ATKR/Fotopedia)