Bermuda in the path of Hurricane Igor

Photo of a wave from a hurricane.

The Atlantic, especially the Caribbean, produces some extreme weather patterns, including hurricanes that wreak havoc. The 2010 hurricane season hasn’t been as bad as other recent years, but there are several storm systems becoming potentially lethal right now. Hurricane Igor, formerly tropical storm Igor, is of great concern especially. Hurricane Igor is currently in the […]

Katrina anniversary passes while Hurricane Earl gets bigger

Photo of a hurricane.

In the wake of observation of the fifth year since New Orleans was pummeled by Hurricane Katrina, a new tropical storm is building to dangerous size in the Caribbean. Tropical storm Earl is now Hurricane Earl. The storm is hurricane force. The hurricane is building in the Caribbean, and it is now a Category Three […]

World helium supply will not last much longer

Photo of balloons.

Helium is a gas that does much more than make your voice sound funny. Solar telescopes and MRI scanners are two of many places where the use of helium in gas or liquid form is important. Unfortunately, the average person only knows that their kids want helium-filled balloons on their birthdays. According to The Independent, […]

Lake Michigan at risk from Kalamazoo River oil spill

Lake Michigan at sunset.

The Kalamazoo River oil spill has spurred a declaration of a state of emergency in Michigan. An oil pipeline leaked and pumped almost 20,000 barrels of oil into the river, starting on Monday morning. The EPA and Enbridge Energy are working together to try to control the oil slick. The oil spill of the Kalamazoo […]

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., a northern California utility, has agreed to pay $70 million to the California town of San Bruno for a pipeline explosion that killed eight people in 2010. Company says it’s remorseful The San Francisco-based power company’s president, Chris Johns, released a statement Monday, saying PG&E is sorry and eager to […]


The 20 most toxic US states

Is it safe to breathe the air where you live? According to a survey by the Natural Resources Defense Council, clean air may be more rare than you think. Led by Ohio, here are the 20 most toxic states in the U.S. Uh oh, Ohio Among U.S. states with the highest concentration of toxic air […]


A toxic plume of smoke billows from a power plant's smoke stacks.
According to EPA figures, Ohio is responsible for more than 12 percent of U.S. air pollution. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/SeƱor Codo/Flickr)