Facebook unfriending on the rise


The social media is apparently becoming a little less social. According to a new study, Facebook users are deleting posts, removing photo tags and unfriending so-called friends at record rates. ‘Pruning’ the social tree The study, released Friday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, says 63 percent of Facebook users have unfriended other […]

Supposed Wooly Mammoth footage from Siberia was fraud

Wooly Mammoth

A recent viral video purports to show grainy footage of a Wooly Mammoth alive and well in Siberia. The footage has been revealed to be not only a hoax, but involved theft of a legitimate documentary filmmaker’s hard work. A mammoth hoax The Wooly Mammoth is one of the largest mammals to have walked the […]

14-year-old boy killed by toy cannon

A replica cannon.

A tragic misfire has claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy in Tremonton, Utah, reports Deseret News. The model artillery gun either blew up for fired a tin foil projectile into the face of Robby Ostberg as he was looking into the barrel of the .05-caliber toy cannon. Autopsy results pointing to the exact cause […]

Slavery word problem shocks third-grade parents

Anti-slavery symbol depicting two shackled hands crossed.

Parents of third-grade students at Beaver Ridge Elementary School in Norcross, Ga., were stunned to see math homework filled with painful reminders of America’s past. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, some students at the Gwinnett County school received worksheets including word problems referencing slavery. Slavery word problems leads to school taking a beating Beaver Ridge […]

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., a northern California utility, has agreed to pay $70 million to the California town of San Bruno for a pipeline explosion that killed eight people in 2010. Company says it’s remorseful The San Francisco-based power company’s president, Chris Johns, released a statement Monday, saying PG&E is sorry and eager to […]


Autocorrected message leads to school lockdown

Adjacent schools in Georgia were locked down for two hours Wednesday after a text message reportedly warned of a “gunman” on campus. Later, it was learned that the message was the result of a smartphone autocorrect function, attempting to “fix” the misspelled slang word “gunna.” A series of mixups A series of mixups led to […]


Homage to the Sun
The Gainesville, Ga., Homage to the Sun presides over another day as a potential tragedy turns out to be a mistake. Image: Olaf/Flickr/CC BY-SA