Slumdog Millionaire comes true for Sushil Kumar on game show

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire

The Academy Award-winning film “Slumdog Millionaire” told the story of a young Indian man who grows up incredibly poor and wins huge on a game show. Sushil Kumar, a 27-year-old, has become an overnight sensation for having reality live up to fiction. Man wins prize on game show that inspired hit film Many have heard […]

Christine O’Donnell walks out on two interviews promoting her book

Christine O'Donnell

Former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell walked out on two interviews Wednesday. She was offended by the line of questioning on both a Utah radio program and on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight.” ‘I am not a witch’ The Delaware Tea Party Republican was interviewed for the “Piers Morgan Tonight” show to promote her new book […]

Lost Alfred Hitchcock film found

Alfred Hitchcock

“The White Shadow,” a silent film long thought lost, has surfaced in New Zealand. It is an important early work in the career of Alfred Hitchcock. It was not, however, as some have reported, his directorial debut. Archived in New Zealand The first three reels, about 30 minutes, of a film originally twice that long […]

Wal-Mart introduces streaming HD video via VUDU

A blackbird sits atop a Wal-Mart sign. Dark clouds gather in the background.

It has been predicted as many as 2 million customers will cancel their subscriptions in the wake of the Netflix price hike. Where all of those customers will go won’t be left up to chance, if Wal-Mart has anything to say about it. The retail giant announced Tuesday that it is integrating its recently acquired […]

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., a northern California utility, has agreed to pay $70 million to the California town of San Bruno for a pipeline explosion that killed eight people in 2010. Company says it’s remorseful The San Francisco-based power company’s president, Chris Johns, released a statement Monday, saying PG&E is sorry and eager to […]


Mythbusters misfire causes damage in California neighborhood

“Never try this at home” is the “Mythbusters” mantra, repeated often on the weekly program. But maybe some stunts they shouldn’t even try. Tuesday, Dec. 6, the hosts and crew of the popular science program sent a cannonball hurtling into a Dublin, Calif., neighborhood, causing a multitude of damage. Fortunately, there were no injuries caused […]


"Mythbusters" hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Image: thebadastronnmer/Flickr/CC BY-SA