Men at Work ordered to pay for ripping off Down Under melody

A Kookaburra bird

Australian band Men at Work has been ordered by the Australian high court to pay royalties for stealing a melody used in the band’s hit song “Down Under.” The band, who had several international hits in the 1980s, were found to have stolen the flute melody from the Australian folk classic “Kookaburra.” Case claims flautist […]

Tonje Langeteig uses auto-tune to slam housewives

Tonje Langeteig blows a kiss to fans and foes.

If you look good and are willing to spend money, you too can become an Internet singing sensation. Witness Rebecca Black and the much-parodied song “Friday.” Now Tonje Langeteig (aka Helen Lang Teig) is on the scene with her viral hit, “I Don’t Wanna be a Crappy Housewife.” The auto-tuned anthem calls into question the […]

Rapper Common advocates non-violence at White House event

Defying critics, rapper and actor Common appeared at a White House poetry event last night. A part of the White House Music Series, coordinated by Michelle Obama, the event appeared to go off without a hitch. Critics had been concerned that by choosing Common the White House was encouraging violence. The controversy over Common Common […]

Google Music Beta launches without support of music industry

During Google’s I/O conference today, the latest projects have been announced. The product with the biggest buzz appears to be Google Music Beta, a service similar to Amazon’s Cloud Player. The product launch has been not quite what Google had hoped for, thanks to a lack of cooperation from big music distributors. Google Music Beta […]

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

PG&E to pay $70 million for pipeline tragedy

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., a northern California utility, has agreed to pay $70 million to the California town of San Bruno for a pipeline explosion that killed eight people in 2010. Company says it’s remorseful The San Francisco-based power company’s president, Chris Johns, released a statement Monday, saying PG&E is sorry and eager to […]


Lawsuit filed against Newt Gingrich for using Eye of the Tiger

Frankie Sullivan of Survivor, the rock band from the 1980s that had a huge hit with the song “Eye of the Tiger,” is suing Newt Gingrich. Gingrich has been using the song without the band’s permission. Watching them all with the eye of the lawyer Republicans are on the campaign trail, trying to secure the […]


Eye of the tiger
Newt Gingrich has been sued for using the song "Eye of the Tiger" at campaign events. Image from Wikimedia Commons.