Minnesota Chupacabra road kill identified
The legendary Goat Sucker remains elusive. Image: @Sausagelinks/Flickr/CC BY-SA

A strange and malicious-looking creature, found dead on a Minnesota road last month, has had Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) authorities stumped for more than a week. While some have been quick to label it the carcass of the legendary Chupacabra, DNA test results Monday proved the true identity of the mysterious beast.

Spotted on a country road

The white creature, nearly hairless and possessing five long claws on each of its front paws, was first spotted on July 31. Lacey Ilse was driving when she spotted the carcass on County Road 86 just outside of Alexandria.

‘It looked half-human’

“We saw something in the middle of the road, and we knew it wasn’t a dog or a cat, because it didn’t have hair,” Ilse told local TV reporters. “It had a clump of hair and all the rest was just white skin. Its ear was all misshaped. To me, it looked half-human.”

The creature resembled a badger, according to Kevin Kotts of the Minnesota DNR:

“It’s got five long front claws on each of its front feet, which would be characteristic of a badger. I ran the pictures past a few other DNR folks that have a lot of trapping and/or fur-bearer experience, and they all said it’s hard to be 100 percent sure what it is … but if it’s a Minnesota animal, it’s probably a badger.”

The legendary ‘goat sucker’

The Chupacabra is a legendary creature believed to live in Mexico. Sometimes, called the “goat sucker,” the dog-like creature is said to consume the blood of livestock.

The body of the mysterious roadkill was kept frozen at the Glenwood, Minn., Department of Natural Resources office while officials waited for the results of DNA tests.

Mystery solved

Those tests came back Monday, and all has been revealed. The creature is, indeed, as Kotts predicted, a badger. It’s white color, lack of hair and misshapen lower quarters were all the result of decomposition.


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