An obese woman shops in a Wal-Mart store. Her breasts are tucked in to what appears to be a giant pair of pants.
Sandy McMillin arguably wore more than this woman, who is clad in what appears to be only a pair of pants. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Thomas Gardner/Flickr)

Here’s a new chapter in the saga of the “People of Wal-Mart,” with a hint of potential discrimination. Fifty-one-year-old Sandy McMillin of Alvadore, Ore., wanted to beat the heat. Clad in a turquoise bikini top and “hot pants” shorts, McMillin attracted the attention of employees at a Eugene Walmart on Sunday. The shirtless woman and her sister were kicked out because McMillin insisted upon wearing the bikini top on the 90-degree summer day.

Walmart bikini woman was ‘horrified’

McMillin went to the Eugene Walmart with her sister Karla Vogt, 39. Sour cream, chips and coffee creamer were on the agenda — being hassled over choice of clothing was not. Within five minutes of entering the store, Sandy McMillin was told that her attire violated health codes, and that a shirt would be necessary if she wished to remain in the store.

“I was horrified,” McMillin told Eugene’s KVAL CBS 13 News. “I am embarrassed.”

“We just walked in, straight over to the clothing,” Vogt remarked. “It’s wrong. If you don’t like the way someone looks, don’t look at them.”

According to McMillin, she and her sister were promptly escorted from the store. Yet Walmart spokeswoman Ashley Hardie said that the sisters were not forced out of the store.

“We can understand her frustration. It was not our intent to offend the customer, and we have apologized to her,” Hardie said. “We have also reinforced with our associates our expectations of how to handle these matters.”

McMillin is overweight, bald and heavily tattooed

Reports indicate that Sandy McMillin, who walks with a cane as a result of injuries sustained in multiple motorcycle crashes (one of which killed her husband, Jim), was told that her attire violated Oregon food handling regulation. Curiously, McMillin and sister were in the clothing section when the store employee approached.

“I’m not serving (food),” McMillin said to the employee. “I’m not selling food, so I’m safe.”

Hardie pointed out that while Walmart has no dress code for customers, customers can wear what they like, so long as they do not disturb other customers. Allegedly, McMillin was approached after customers complained.

Sandy McMillin considers discrimination lawsuit

McMillin is considering a possible lawsuit against Walmart, on the grounds of mistreatment as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. She believes that she was singled out because she is disabled.

“(Plus) I’m not a skinny, mini miss thing. … I have that middle-age spread,” said McMillin. “Just because someone is disabled, or looks differently, we should all be treated the same.”

Vogt noted to Oregon media that she and her sister saw fit teenage girls at the same Walmart store wearing bikini tops the previous week.

“They weren’t asked to leave,” Vogt said. “So come on, what’s up?”

Walmart fashion parade, courtesy of People of Wal-Mart


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