Casey Anthony mugshot
Larry Flynt has offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to appear in Hustler. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Larry Flynt, the outspoken publisher of the notorious Hustler pornographic magazine and media empire, has caused controversy for offering Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose in his magazine. It isn’t the first time he has caused a media storm.

Latest chapter in Casey Anthony craze

The disappearance and then discovery of the murdered toddler Caylee Anthony and the subsequent murder trial and acquittal of her mother, Casey Anthony, captivated a large audience. It was easily the most-watched trial since O.J. Simpson’s. And the number of Casey Anthony-related news stories keeps multiplying. For instance, according to USA Today, a Casey Anthony mask sold for almost $1 million. According to WESH, an NBC affiliate in Orlando, Fla., offers have been rolling in for Casey Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire, which was part of trial evidence. Whether it will be sold remains up to George and Cindy Anthony, who own the car. Now, publisher of the Hustler brand of pornographic magazines, has offered $500,000 to Casey Anthony to pose in Hustler, according to CBS.

Flynt says some people are ‘sick’

Offers for interviews with Casey Anthony have been thrown around in the media, but the one offer that really captured people’s attention was from Hustler publisher Larry Flynt. Flynt initially balked at offering anything, according to CNN, but reconsidered after learning of great public interest. He is also offering 10 percent of all royalties from sale of any magazines, videos or other media involving said pictures. Flynt’s chief business rival, Hugh Hefner, recently told Piers Morgan in an interview that he “wouldn’t reward someone like that for what has happened.” Flynt is currently in the midst of a book tour for “One Nation Under Sex,” a history of sexual activity in American government co-written with historian David Eisenbach. He decided to extend the offer to Anthony after hearing numerous requests for a Casey Anthony issue on the book tour, but he did say that “there may be some sick individuals.”

Far from first controversy

Flynt would donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity for abused children. This is exactly the sort of controversy that Larry Flynt is notorious for. In 1975, he published nude photos of Jackie Kennedy Onassis that had been taken by an amateur photographer. Flynt also, through an editorial on the Huffington Post, offered disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner a job with Flynt Management Group, for 20 percent more than his Congressional salary. Flynt offered $1 million in 1998 for any tangible proof of Republican lawmakers cheating on their spouses in response to the Clinton scandal, according to TruTv. Flynt has been involved in two separate legal cases that went before the Supreme Court, according to Wikipedia.


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