A Texas Instruments calculator.
Texas Instruments calculator image from Wikimedia Commons. CC by Church of emacs.

There are multiplying challenges for Texas Instruments, calculator and chip maker. Chips made by Texas Instruments are mostly analog chips and are used in many places. Despite the report of optimistic earnings, the stock earnings for the company are falling. There are numerous difficulties for the business, including blocks on third-party programming.

Revenue for Texas Instruments

Both income and revenue for Texas Instruments is going up, according to the quarterly report released in July. In just the second quarter of the year, Texas Instruments brought in $ 769 million in net income. Total revenue for that same quarter was at about $ 3.5 billion. Roughly equal income and revenue is expected for the third quarter of the year. The company expects that in the 3rd quarter, there could be about $ 3.85 billion in revenue. Texas Instruments built chips could be found in everything from consumer goods to air traffic control systems.

Reduction in price in Texas Instruments stock

The stock price of Texas Instruments dropped, despite the earnings reports. Trading in after-hours stock trades, TI lost about 6 percent of value. The basis of this drop of stock price is the competitors’ earnings reports. The primary competitor for Texas Instruments is Intel, and that business has reported growth numbers that tech investors are much more confident in.

Preventing development on calculators

Numerous programmers are expressing significant outrage at Texas Instruments. Powerful graphing calculators are often programmed with games and apps. The latest TI-Nspire calculators, however, have been locked so they can’t use that programming. Many argue that they should be able to do as they wish with any TI calculator that they have purchased. Others say it is the right of the company to prevent outside development if they do not want it. What do you think?

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