A still from the 1932 manhunt film “The Most Dangerous Game.” Leslie Banks as the mad hunter Count Zaroff is sporting bow and arrow.
Mork Encino invites hunters to make him human prey. (Photo Credit: Public Domain/Ed Fitzgerald/Wikipedia)

The economic downturn and subsequent saggy job market have made life difficult for many people. But unemployed Utah-area resident Mork Encino isn’t letting that get him down, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He’s taking life’s lemons and making lemonade, but with a twist. Encino, 28, has agreed to become human prey for marksmen who are willing to pay him $10,000. For just $2,000 more, Encino will even play the most dangerous game nude.

‘Pro prey, looking for a change’

“Hunt the unemployed man,” advertises Mork Encino’s website, huntme4sport.com. According to reports, the inventive young man is unconcerned about the high price point.

“I’m looking for a true god[bleep] Money Bags, okay? 10K is nothing to these boys,” he writes on huntme4sport.com. “They’ll pay that money just to rub it in my FACE and show me how meaningless it truly is to the likes of them.”

Encino explains via Twitter that he isn’t really looking to end his life for money. Rather than being an elaborate form of assisted suicide, this publicity stunt – “a product of my desperation,” says Encino – is intended to help him break the cycle of long-term unemployment and land a normal job. If he is captured and killed, the money will reportedly default to his family.

“I’m hoping someone will offer me a better opportunity than being shot in the face,” said Encino.

‘It’s a job application, man’

Encino, a former laborer and landscaper, has made the rounds of national radio and the blogosphere on sites like Deadspin. He appreciates the attention, and the volume of hunting offers has been sparse. He’s received 10 responses so far.

“As I’ve said, this is not my dream job,” wrote Encino via email. “There’s obviously no long term in it. This is just something I’ve resorted to in order to make others aware of my situation. It’s a job application, man.”

Hunting humans is illegal

Philadelphia attorney Conor Corcoran told the Philebrity blog that Mork Encino’s game of human prey “sounds like a ham-fisted version of Kevorkian assisted suicide.” Any proposal that appears to solicit murder is highly illegal, and for that reason Corcoran and other legal experts advise people to stay away.

Still, Encino has thrown down the gauntlet. From huntme4sport.com:

“I seek hearty gents who fancy themselves sportsmen and bored of the usual game. I am a new breed of prey with thick pelt and smooth hide. I’m faster than a wild turkey, smart as any …DAMN wild boar and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the monetary health of my family.

If I am trapped and killed you stand to earn the RESPECT of your fellow hunters, a PRIZE HUMAN MOUNT for your wall and ALL INCOME from any organ harvest.”


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