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Pixar is being accused of pushing a liberal agenda on kids. Image: QT1p/Fickr/CC BY

Pixar’s new animated film, “Cars 2,” a sequel to the 2006 hit “Cars,” opened Friday across the country. Some conservatives feel that the new film’s story, which pits alternative fuels against big oil, is a form of liberal indoctrination for impressionable children.

The Lonely Conservative

The position on “Cars 2″ taken by the blog The Lonely Conservative encapsulates the current controversy:

“We conservatives and believers in free markets are accused of being paranoid when we say the Hollywood industry is trying to indoctrinate our children with left-wing propaganda… I’m glad I found out before I allowed my kids to see ‘Cars 2.’”

The film’s director speaks

As evidence of the film’s makers “admitting what they’re doing,” the Wall Street Journal interviewed “Cars 2″ director John Lasseter, who outlined his thought process:

“(It’s) a spy movie in a world where cars are alive. What would be a really good kind of über bad guy? I kept going back to big oil. This is before what happened in the Gulf of Mexico,” said the director.

Lasseter went on to question why alternative fuel isn’t more accessible. He offered no apologies for the creative control he exercised over his film:

“Why isn’t everybody jumping on that bandwagon? It makes so much sense, electricity, solar, whatever… I thought (it) could be really cool, (pitting) big oil versus alternative fuel.”

Reactions to the comments

Reactions to The Lonely Conservative’s attack on “Cars 2″ have primarily been negative. Most question the blogger’s assumption that concern for the environment is the domain of only one political agenda. One commentator writes, “Big oil isn’t evil? Big oil is a free market? You need to read more about the OPEC cartel.” Another wrote, “Why is environmentalism a liberal cause? Surely anyone no matter how they view things politically can care about the environment.”

Pixar previously accused of liberal agenda

Pixar has previously been criticized by some conservatives for sponsoring the “It Gets Better” project. The mostly online campaign draws attention to the problem of bullying, especially as directed against homosexual youths.


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‘Cars 2′ trailer

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