John Stamos extortion on trial
John Stamos (Photo: CC by Alan Light/Flickr)

In Michigan today, 23-year-old Allison Cross and her associate Scott Sippola went to trial for presumably attempting to extort actor John Stamos. Right after being asked to pay more than a half-million dollars to stop photos from being publicized, John Stamos got in touch with his lawyers. The photographs that Allison Cross and Scott Sippola are accused of attempting to sell are of Stamos at a 2004 party in Florida.

Crimes Scott Sippola and Allison Cross are charged with

In the Michigan trial of Allison Cross and Scott Sippola, the two are accused of extortion. After meeting in Florida in 2004, Cross and Stamos started corresponding via e-mail — after which “Brian L” and “Jessica T” contacted Stamos, threatening to sell photos to the tabloids. In order to supposedly prevent these photos of Stamos at a 2004 party with Cross from being released, the individuals asked for $680,000. Allison Cross indicated that she may have known of the plot.

Extortion plot foiled by the target

When the extortionists tried to get Stamos to pay to prevent the release of photos, he contacted the FBI and his lawyers. Stamos and his lawyers admit that photos of his 2004 escapade in Orlando exist. John Stamos’ lawyers say the pictures could be published the instant the trial is over. The lawyers for John Stamos managed to get any reference to Allison Cross and John Stamos’ alleged relationship blocked from the majority of the trial, though it had been pointed out during opening statements.

Extortion laws in Michigan

You can find heavy punishments for extortion in Michigan. Allison Cross and Scott Sippola could be facing several years in jail if they’re convicted. Whenever somebody intends injury to a person or reputation and requests payment to stop said injury, it may be regarded as extortion. In Michigan, extortion can hold a 20-year jail sentence or a fine up to $10,000.

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