A quiverfull of arrows at The Abbey Tournament, Caboolture, Queensland, Australia.
The 19th arrow in the Duggar quiver, Josie, was recently rushed to the hospital. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/David de Groot/Flickr)

Gather reports that Josie Duggar, the infant daughter co-star of the hit TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting,” was recently rushed to the hospital. The 19th child of JimBob and Michelle Duggar, who were in Central America at the time, Josie reportedly suffered from a high fever and seizures. The results of little Josie’s hospital trip in Tontitown, Ark., will be revealed in an upcoming episode of the TV series.

Josie was born five months premature

Josie Duggar had was five months premature, but reports indicate that the child’s health had been improving. RadarOnline writes that JimBob and Michelle Duggars were on an animal rescue mission in El Salvador and Costa Rica at the time Josie fell ill at home while under the care of older sister Jill. JimBob and Michelle Duggar expressed their feelings of helplessness in their reality TV show:

“There is nothing to do and we feel totally helpless,” said JimBob.

“I was shocked, and I was in tears,” Michelle said.

Turning to prayer

Amid their feelings of hopelessness, Josie’s parents prayed that God would aid her doctors. Kimberly Ripley suggests in her Gather piece on the Duggars, perhaps this unfortunate incident with Josie is a sign. Call it a divine message or not, but perhaps 19 kids is more than enough. If it were God’s will that parents of a preemie child who had experienced health issues leave the country to tend to animals, perhaps that God would seem like less of a parent. Or perhaps someone who believes in divine intervention would say that Josie’s illness was intended to wake up the Duggars to the life they’re living.

A QuiverFull of kids: Abundance or militarization?

According to the Duggars’ faith as expressed by the Christian sect QuiverFull, family size is left in the hands of the Lord. The organization refers to Psalm 127:3-5, which speaks of the “fruit of the womb,” “arrows in the hand of a mighty man” and how that man is “happy … that hath his quiver full.”

Whether this means following the directive to be fruitful and multiply or producing more “Christian soldiers” for war against non-believers (as referenced in the Baring-Gould/Arthur Sullivan song “Onward, Christian Soldiers”), it’s hard to ignore that even when the Duggars divvy up responsibility among their older children, it is the parents’ responsibility to be there for young offspring in need. Countless child psychologists can attest to the sense of security young children derive from their parents. That security is the foundation upon which children build their adult lives.

Preview of Josie Duggar heartbreak on ’19 Kids and Counting’


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