G Ticket | Why wait for Google's Ticketmaster alternative?
You don't have to wait for G Ticket to avoid Ticketmaster fees. (Photo Credit: CC by Nerdy Girl/Flickr)

Is G Ticket, Google’s alternative to Ticketmaster, just a rumor? G Ticket might be born from the wishful thinking of music fans who have grown tired of Ticketmaster’s service fees. Adding to the general public dissatisfaction is the Ticketmaster monopoly — especially after a Ticketmaster merger with Live Nation, the nation’s largest concert promoter was approved by the Department of Justice just last month in June. The company’s influence on live entertainment is higher than ever. But until G Ticket becomes a reality, concertgoers have many online approaches to avoid Ticketmaster fees.

What could people expect from G Ticket?

What could concertgoers expect from Google with an alternative to Ticketmaster like G Ticket? Perhaps the same things experienced by the Ticketmaster monopoly. The main gripe a lot of people have with Ticketmaster is the fees. It was reported by Variety that ticket prices for the top 100 tours have risen 142 percent since the mid ’90s. Besides tickets, what would G Ticket offer that Ticketmaster can’t? Maybe e-mail alerts about events coming to local area? News feeds about the entertainment industry? Lower fees? That’s the ticket.

G Ticket is just a rumor … for now

Until a player like G Ticket, Google’s alternative to the Ticketmaster monopoly, comes along, concertgoers can find a lot of ways to keep away from Ticketmaster fees. Ticketmaster works directly with artists and venues to sell seats. In that respect, it is one of the most reliable sources. Then there’s the fees issue. However, online competition can drive down prices for astute buyers willing to sniff out deals. You’ll still pay fees, but you won’t need a personal loan to see the show.

Ticketmaster fees to keep away from

The resale market for tickets is thriving online. According to the Associated Press, tickets become accessible on the resale market from smaller ticket brokers that list inventories online or from consumers who have tickets to an event they cannot attend. Some online websites buy and sell tickets. Since they aren’t selling at the event, they avoid breaking laws.

Ticket resellers have better deals

The resale market can help you find good deals. StubHub has a 10 percent service fee and is the biggest ticket reseller. Other ticket resellers include RazorGator.com, TicketLiquidator.com and TicketNetwork.com. The prices and availability fluctuate drastically. Check as many ticket resellers as you possibly can before purchasing and always factor-in service charges when you’re shopping around. No one wants to eat their tickets, so if you need to take your chances and wait until the last minute, you may just be able to find the best deals.

Get more info at these Web sites:

- Variety


- Associated Press


- Stub Hub


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