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The Australian government doesn't have most of the Australian UFO files, a recent journalistic inquiry found. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A couple of months ago, an Australian newspaper organization submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to see the country’s government documents on unidentified flying objects. Late last month,  the Australian Department of Defence told Fairfax Media that all files but one were gone.

Single file on UFOs remains; the rest have been abducted

A journalistic inquiry into the Australian government’s official documents dealing with unidentified flying objects has resulted in the discovery that every file except one one has gone missing. Fairfax Media, which owns dozens of Australian newspapers and magazines and periodicals and newspapers in New Zealand and the United States, submitted a FOIA request to the Australian Department of Defence for all documents related to or concerning any UFOs or similar occurrences, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, a Fairfax newspaper. UFOs in the land down under are tracked by the Royal Australian Air Force. However, the RAAF could only locate one complete file; it was from the 1950s.

Inexplicable disappearance

The one complete file was discovered is entitled “Report on UFOs/Strange Occurrences and Phenomenon in Woomera.” Woomera, according to MSNBC, is a remote area that was used as a weapons testing range. There are some small towns in the nearby vicinity. The Australian Defence Force stopped accepting any reports on UFOs by 2000 because the organization deemed them a waste of resources. The RAAF stopped investigation of UFO sightings in 1996. However, according to the Telegraph, UFO files have been destroyed periodically by the Australian government as part of normal “housekeeping” efforts. The author of a book about UFO sightings in Australia, Bill Chalker, found that eight years of UFO-related documents had been destroyed in 2003 alone as part of space-saving measures. Conspiracy theorists are abuzz concerning the news.

Noncompliance is alien among first world countries

Australia is breaking with tradition among other core countries, as other nations have made their “X-Files” freely available online. The British government has been periodically releasing parts of the “British X-Files” since 2008 through the National Archives. The Royal New Zealand Air Force, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, released its UFO files in December of 2010, though some documents will be sealed for some time for security purposes. Canada’s UFO documents were all made public in 2009 and are available on the Library and Archives of Canada website. Various agencies of the U.S. government make UFO information available to the public but involve doing a little digging to find. The National Security Agency and the United States Navy, for instance, both have some information available on both agencies’ websites.


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