Online hackers are everywhere, even on university websites.
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In an attack that took advantage of security holes, hackers have planted unauthorized pages inside university servers. None of the schools knew of the pages’ existence. These pages were planted with the intent of making the hackers money, though it appears no personal information was compromised.

Hacker pages hosted on university sites

To create these unauthorized pages, these hackers exploited security holes in departmental and student websites and used upload functionality. For-profit web sites are the intended “target” of the links on these unauthorized pages. The links on these college sites are helping the hackers improve their search engine rankings while creating the appearance that the university is endorsing their pages. From conversations with webmasters and information technology departments of universities around the country, it seems that these web sites have flown almost entirely under the radar. Universities were already removing the unauthorized pages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Ohio business Street Smarts linked to hacked pages

The business Street Smarts is the registered owner of the domain names belonging to the redirected web sites and unauthorized pages. When called for remark, the phone number listed on the site registration was apparently a “wrong number.” Shortly after the calls were made, the sites appeared to have been taken offline. There was a similar hack of government and educational websites in 2008. In the 2008 attack, rather than loading websites onto dot-gov and dot-edu websites, hackers used JavaScript to redirect those pages to, and There is an out-of-service Texas phone number listed on the hacked educational web sites. The same phone number is also used on hundreds of sites with the JavaScript redirect posted in 2008. The HTML, Java and CSS code on both the redirected and unauthorized websites are almost exactly identical. So most likely the exact same business may have perpetrated both attacks.

Personal details of students at risk

The hacking attack takes advantage of the good name of schools when making money off phony information. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear the security holes that allowed these Web sites to be posted allowed any data out. Hackers could get info into the Web sites, however they couldn’t get any out — as it seems. If security holes like this aren’t fixed, though, they can later be used to gain access to sensitive information like social security numbers. Since higher education is happening online more and more, security holes like this have to be closed as quickly as possible.

The danger of security exploits

Website visitors could put their personal data at risk from security breaches like this, without them ever knowing. On first glance, these hacker-created sites appear to belong on the dot-edu servers. But visitors who go to these sites and enter personal data could most likely be opening themselves up to identity theft and fraud.

The university websites affected

This is not a complete listing of educational institutions affected by this attack. This is only the first 50 schools that appeared in a search for unauthorized pages. If you are the administrator or webmaster for a dot-edu or dot-gov domain, you need to ensure your domain does not contain unauthorized pages.

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