John Edwards
John Edwards is likely to be indicted for using campaign funds to cover up his affair with videographer Rielle Hunter. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Former vice presidential candidate John Edwards will likely come under indictment for campaign finance infractions. Edwards is alleged to have accepted donations of $1 million or more and used it to cover up his affair and child with Rielle Hunter. The charges stem from an ongoing lawsuit Edwards and Hunter are involved in.

Sex tape lawsuit results in indictment for Edwards

Former senator and vice presidential candidate John Edwards is still dealing with fallout from the cover up of his affair with Rielle Hunter while running for president in 2008. It has been revealed that Edwards will probably face an indictment for illegal use of campaign funds, according to ABC. The indictment comes in the middle of a lawsuit involving Edwards, Hunter and former political aide Andrew Young. Hunter, according to Reuters, is suing Young to recover the alleged Edwards and Hunter sex tape. Edwards gave testimony in February that had to be stopped by his attorneys, but he will have to testify further, according to CNN. The nature of Edwards’ previous testimony is unknown, but it is believed that it concerned a coverup of his affair.

Misuse of campaign funds

Edwards is accused of using up to $1 million in campaign donations to cover up his affair with Hunter and that he fathered her child, according to CBS. Francis Baron and Rachel “Bunny” Mellon both gave large sums of money to Edwards for use in his presidential campaign, but according to Young, the money wound up being used to house Hunter and keep her away from the public eye. The extent of Edwards’ knowledge of the cover up isn’t known, but his donors knew nothing about either his clandestine proclivities or the steps undertaken to keep it under wraps. Edwards is said to be considering a plea deal in order to avoid a criminal trial. The lawsuit between Hunter and Young will go to trial later this year, and Edwards will have to give another deposition in June concerning the matter.

Careers scuttled by dalliance

Edwards withdrew from his 2008 campaign once the news that he had cheated on his wife Elizabeth Edwards and fathered a child out of wedlock. Initially, Young claimed to be the father to take the heat off his boss, but it eventually became known that Edwards was indeed the father. American politicians can easily have their career sunk by personal scandals, especially those involving infidelity. Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently a villain in the media for his infidelity and possibly pending divorce from Maria Shriver. Bill Clinton was the second president in United States history to face impeachment proceedings because of his dalliances with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.






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