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People who heavily indulge in coffee can rejoice, as drinking coffee can lower the risk of prostate cancer. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Men who regularly drink caffeine can rejoice, as coffee may ward off prostate cancer. A new study has discovered that those who drink six cups of joe per day or more have the least risk of prostate cancer, especially the deadliest forms.

The plus side of being a caffeine fiend

A new study has just been released from the Harvard School of Public Health that will comes as good news to coffee houses men addicted to caffeine, according to MSNBC. This study has determined that excessive coffee consumption may cause the shakes, but it also is a great thing to do for endocrine health, as the most aggressive of guzzlers have a dramatically lower chance of contracting prostate cancer. The study, according to CBS, followed 48,000 men from 1986 to 2008 and gathered information about their coffee habits every four years. Those who had a habit of six cups or more had the smallest occurrence of prostate cancer, both generally and specifically the deadliest forms.

Old study contradicted

The Harvard School of Public Health came out with a study about 30 years ago that said the opposite of what findings in the new study indicate. However, the previous study was flawed because of its research methodology. In the study from decades ago, researchers would ask patients specifically about their coffee habits, which led the patients who had cancer to report their consumption of coffee in greater detail than any other factor. That phenomenon, known as “recall bias,” can contaminate results easily. In the study that has just been released, men who drank six cups of coffee per day or more had 60 percent less of a chance of getting prostate cancer and a 20 percent less chance of developing the deadliest forms of the disease. Those who drank three cups a day or fewer cut their chances by 30 percent, though it made no difference whether it was regular or decaffeinated coffee.

Mysterious findings

The reason coffee could have an effect on prostate cancer is unknown, according to WebMD, but one of the leading theories is the presence of antioxidants. Dietary antioxidants have been credited with myriad health benefits over the years, including a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. Other studies on the health benefits of coffee consumption have credited coffee consumption with lower risks for Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and gout. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men; one in six American men are affected by it in some way. More than 30,000 deaths are attributed to prostate cancer in the U.S. every year.





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