The Breast Milk Baby: teaching tool or corrupting influence? (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/Toys and Games)

In 2009, Spanish company Berjuan Toys introduced Bebé Glotón to the European market. The animatronic breastfeeding baby doll sold well, so Berjuan brought it to U.S. this year under the name The Breast Milk Baby. Not surprisingly, critics claim it sexualizes young girls by teaching them about breastfeeding.

Breast is best, just not in my backyard

Boing Boing points out that many of the critics of $89 The Breast Milk Baby come from the segment of U.S. society that automatically equates breasts with some form of shameful sexuality. Quite outlandishly, Eric Ruhalter wrote for that having young girls pantomime breast feeding was akin to having children act out alcoholism, erectile dysfunction or prison rape (he later issued an apology to breastfeeding mothers). Most criticisms argued that a breastfeeding doll would prompt children to ask questions and that this would somehow be a bad thing.

Berjuan’s U.S. spokesman Dennis Lewis doesn’t understand why U.S. critics are up in arms.

“We’re being called perverts and pedophiles for promoting feeding our babies,” he said. “Breastfeeding is important for society.”

Understanding motherhood

Though there are many critics of The Breast Milk Baby, more child development professionals see no harm in the toy, reports Discovery News. Breastfeeding is a natural function girls should understand, even if they don’t go on to have children. Groups like the World Health Organization highly encourage breastfeeding, particularly for the first six months.

The cost of misinformation

In an op-ed for Yahoo! News, columnist Carol Whyte argues that a 4-year-old girl who plays with dolls isn’t ready to pretend she is breastfeeding and that a young boy who sees such mommy play will be “confused and full of questions.” The horror! Thought processes may be stimulated and inquiring minds will seek information. Whyte fails to address why such things would be bad, suggesting that misinformation would be preferable, that a “We don’t talk about such things” whiff of shame is optimal.

When it comes to human sexuality, studies like those by the Government Accountability Office and Kaiser Family Foundation have found that misinformation has tangible negative consequences. A sampling of federally funded abstinence-only sex education programs produced such obviously false “facts” as:

Considering the millions of taxpayer dollars used to fund such programs, it’s clear that misinformation can be expensive. If $89 can help a young girl grow up to understand breastfeeding and not be ashamed of it, that’s money well spent.


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