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A second Sony data breach has been detected, exposing a further 25 million people after the Playstation Network hack several weeks ago. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A second hack of a Sony network has been disclosed by the company, and millions more have had their identities exposed. The Sony Entertainment Network was hacked after the Sony Playstation Network was hacked and the information of 77 million people exposed several weeks ago. This latest hack puts the sensitive information of a 25 million more people in jeopardy.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer faces mounting pressure

The Sony Corporation is coming under an increasing amount of fire as a second data breach has been discovered, this time of the Sony Entertainment Network, according to Reuters, and criticism of CEO Howard Stringer is intensifying. It was announced by Sony that a second data hack had been performed on the SEN, and exposed the data of almost 25 million people. There is mounting pressure on CEO Howard Stringer and Kazuo Hirai, second in command, to resign, according to The Telegraph. Stringer was recently given the option to testify before the United States Congress about the data breaches, and he declined.

More than 100 million at risk of identity theft

As a result of the data hacks, more than 100 million people are at some risk for identity theft. The Sony Entertainment Network and the Sony Playstation Network were both hacked during the period from April 16 to 17, according to the Washington Post. The Playstation Network hack was announced about a week after that. The Sony Entertainment Network breach has just been disclosed. It occurred before the Playstation network breach but was not discovered until later. The “unauthorized intrusion,” as it has been termed, is believed to have resulted in 10,700 debit records of customers in Spain, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany and 12,700 debit card  or credit card numbers of customers have already been stolen.

Expensive breach

The data breaches, which have possibly exposed the account information of more than 100 million people, could have a cost of more than $2 billion, according to the Christian Science Monitor. The information exposed includes online identities, email addresses, names and home addresses of the people on the network. The Sony Entertainment Network, according to MSNBC, is a separate network from the Playstation Network that hosts multiplayer games for PC and Playstation 3 users, including the game “EverQuest” among others. It could potentially cost Sony $10 to $100 for each credit card or debit card holder it has to make reparations to for the breach, and the damage to Sony’s reputation could be nearly catastrophic for its gaming division.



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