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The lawsuit over the Taco Bell beef mixture has been dropped. Photo Credit: BenFrantzDale/

The lawsuit concerning the content of the Taco Bell beef mixture has been dropped. Taco Bell was sued for fraud, as the plaintiffs accused the fast food company of selling a ground beef mixture that did not contain much beef. The suit was voluntarily withdrawn from federal court.

Plaintiff in beef with Taco Bell drops suit

Law firm Beasley Allen, the Alabama-based firm that initiated the suit against Taco Bell in California, has voluntarily withdrawn the complaint against the fast food giant, according to Reuters. The law firm asserts that it was satisfied with the response from Taco Bell. The fast food chain immediately launched a broadside by taking out a full page ad in major newspapers nationwide responding directly to the allegations of the suit within days of the suit along with a YouTube campaign of employees insisting that Taco Bell’s beef mixture was indeed composed mostly of beef, rather than the artificial ingredients that the lawsuit claimed.

No damages

The original suit was never asked for monetary damages, so Taco Bell did not have to shell out any money to settle the complaint over the content of its tacos. The original complaint, according to MSNBC, was that the beef mixture contained in Taco Bell tacos, burritos and other food items contained too little beef to be called beef. The suit by Beasley Allen alleged that only 36 percent of the mixture was actually ground beef and that the rest was filled in with “extenders” and filler material such as oats. Taco Bell countered that the mixture was actually 88 percent beef. The beef mixture does contain spices and some water, and yeast and some other compounds are added in trace amounts for texture and flavor. Taco Bell adds soy lethicin, a compound of soy bean oil, and maltodextrin, a starch, to the beef in its products, according to the Washington Post.

Doritos taco being tested

Now that the beef mixture matter has seemingly been settled, Taco Bell is rolling out a whole new type of taco shell. A new hard taco shell made by Doritos is being tested in some markets, according to AOL News. The new taco shell is made essentially from Dorito’s Nacho Cheese flavored tortilla chips. The new product is called “Doritos Tacos Locos,” and is reportedly being tested in Wichita, Kan., and Toledo, Ohio. There is no indication yet whether the corn chip taco shell laden with cheese dust will become a regular feature.




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