2011 NCAA Tournament games will be all over TV, radio and the Internet. (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/B-Flo/B-Flo 360)

The 2011 NCAA Tournament is here, and March Madness has fans in its grip. If you’re into bracketology and want a printable NCAA bracket, you’re in the right place to hoop it up. Stick around for the NCAA Tournament game predictions and March Madness game times.

2011 NCAA Tournament breakdown

SB Nation’s Chris Dobbertean breaks down each match-up, from the play-in round to the 2011 Final Four and National Championship in Houston, Texas. To the chagrin of Boston Globe legend and Sports Illustrated contributor Dan Shaughnessy, Harvard was not invited to the dance.

Here are some popular predictions: After the Mar. 15-16 buy-in rounds are complete, Texas-San Antonio and Clemson will fill the 12 and 16 seeds in the Eastern region. VCU will trump USC in the Southwest as the 11-seed, while UNC Asheville should bring Arkansas-Little Rock’s season to a close and claim the 16 seed in the Southwest region.

With Round 2, the 2011 NCAA Tournament explodes on “Big Thursday” Mar. 17 and continues into the following day. A full slate of 32 games will be played through Friday, and there are few Cinderella-style upsets to be had.

Southeast Region – New Orleans, La.

Top seed Pittsburgh will likely punish 16-seed UNC Asheville, a team that made it in by the skin of its teeth. No. 9 Old Dominion will wipe the glass with No. 8 Butler, the Cinderella team of the 2010 NCAA Tournament until Duke brought them back from never-never land. No. 4 Kansas State beats number 12 Utah State, a team that barely made it through the WAC Tournament last week. Best Cinderella chance comes from No. 13 Belmont over No. 4 Wisconsin, although No. 11 Gonzaga may have enough to take No. 6 St. John’s. No. 3 BYU and high-scorer Jimmer Fredette will shoot down No. 14 Wofford, while No. 7 UCLA barely edges No. 10 Michigan State. Finally, No. 2 Florida should have an easy time beating No. 15 UC Santa Barbara.

Southwest Region – San Antonio, Texas

The popular pick to take it all, No. 1 seed Kansas, runs roughshod over No. 16 Boston University. UNLV (8) downs Illinois (9), while versatile Richmond (12) will upset Vanderbilt (5). Coach Rick Pitino will have Louisville (4) ready for Morehead State (13), which is more than Georgetown (6) will be able to say after falling to the play-in VCU (11). As fun as it is to say, the St. Peter’s Peacocks (14) won’t have any fun in losing to Purdue (3). Texas A&M (7) and Notre Dame (2) will have a much better time against Florida State (10) and Akron (15), respectively.

West Region – Anaheim, Calif.

The top-seed Duke romps over Hampton (16), although Michigan (8) versus Tennessee (9) is much closer, thanks to the Volunteers’ issues with consistency. If Arizona (5) limits turnovers, the Wildcats should feed on the Memphis Tigers (12). Oakland (13) may have too much height for Texas (4) to handle, while Missouri (11) may have the speed to break the Cincinnati (6) press. Connecticut (3) has no trouble with Bucknell (14). Considering that basketball great Charles Barkley paid a busboy’s tuition to Temple (7), the Owls may very well peck and scratch the Penn State Nittany Lions (10) to distraction. Finally, San Diego State’s (2) active game should overwhelm Northern Colorado (15).

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Charles Barkley on the 2011 NCAA Tournament


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