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The real-life mansion that may have inspired the setting of the classic novel “The Great Gatsby” is set to be demolished soon. The estate in Sands Point, New York, is actually called “Land’s End,” but many people refer to it as simply the “Gatsby Mansion.” The large East Coast estates are beginning to disappear.

Supposed inspiration for classic novel in disrepair

The estate which supposedly inspired the setting for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel “The Great Gatsby” is slated to be destroyed, according to the Los Angeles Times. The mansion, actually named “Lands End” but referred to as the “Gatsby mansion,” is located in Sands Point, New York, a small beach front community on Long Island sound. Estates of the sort are sometimes referred to as “Gatsby-esque,” in reference to the homes described in the novel. The novel’s main character, Jay Gatbsy, and married love interest Daisy Buchanan, both live in lavish East Coast estates with enormous vaulted ceilings and a large number of rooms. The mansion was built in 1902, but hasn’t been lived in for decades and is basically uninhabitable.

The lap of luxury will put people in the poorhouse

The “Gatsby mansion” costs around $4,500 a day to maintain, and had a staff of 20 when it was a fully functional estate, according to Newsday. The realty company that owns the multi-million dollar estate is planning to raze the 24,000 square foot house to the ground, and divide the 13-acre lot into five $10 million smaller estates. The old “Gold Coast” mansions are gradually disappearing, as exorbitant maintenance costs, taxes and upkeep cost far more than modern mansions which are much more modest. According to the New York Times, people that purchase homes up to $3 million in value are content with what they purchase. However, people who buy homes for more than $3 million want a home that can be heavily customized or would rather buy land and have a custom home built for them.

Not enough of a landmark

Not all mansions are worthy of preservation. Land values are higher on the East coast, and maintaining an estate that belonged to an obscure rich person rather than a prominent rich person may not be worth the effort. Prestige carries monetary value in real estate, and it makes a difference. The Biltmore Estate, owned by the Vanderbilt dynasty, is a landmark and will likely never fall into the same straits as many former mansions. Neither will architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s magnum opus, Fallingwater. However, a house that may have inspired another similar fictional house doesn’t carry that kind of weight.


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