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The war in the media between Charlie Sheen and everyone involved in producing “Two and a Half Men” has resulted in Charlie Sheen being fired. Warner Brothers Television has been conspicuously quiet as Sheen went on a tear in the media, but the studio had enough. The show is effectively canceled and no replacement has been seriously mentioned.

Star of ‘Two and a Half Men’ fired after strange saga

After weeks of a full-on media storm and odd banter, Warner Brothers Television has finally had enough and Charlie Sheen is fired from the hit show “Two and a Half Men,” according to MSNBC. The show was placed on hiatus several weeks ago, after Sheen was hospitalized and began rehabilitation from home. After Charlie Sheen gave a seemingly off-the-wall interview on the Alex Jones show in which he slammed Chuck Lorre, the executive producer of the show, CBS and Warner canceled the rest of the season. This pushed Sheen over the limit, giving progressively more aggressive interviews and asking for a $1 million per episode raise, along with an apology from CBS “while licking my feet,” before he would return.

Warner blasts lack of on-set performance

In the letter that Warner sent to Sheen’s attorney, the studio said that Sheen’s claims of always performing perfectly were “untrue,” that his attendance was spotty and often seemed incapacitated on set. He allegedly needed to prop himself up using prop furniture, and had trouble remembering lines and often held up production with his lack of preparation and cohesion while filming. Warner Bros. also alleges, according to the Los Angeles Times, that there was “ample evidence” that Sheen had engaged in “moral turpitude” and had likely committed “felony offenses” including distributing cocaine. The studio alluded in the letter to giving Sheen certain leeway and standing behind him when it appeared he was having problems, but ran out of patience when the troubled star decided to bite the hand that fed him.

The end may not be in sight

Charlie Sheen contacted the Associated Press via text message after he was informed of his dismissal that he intended to sue Warner and CBS. However, Warner contends that his contract stipulates that he is not entitled to compensation for episodes that were canceled due to his behavior, and that any dispute has to be handled through arbitration. Due to the acrimony espoused by both parties, it is not likely that “Two and a Half Men” will be coming back.



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