Is kissing one of these in "We Dare" worse then using it as a sword to slice a zombie in two? (Photo Credit: Public Domain/Penubag/Wikipedia)

Ad Freak reports that French video game publisher and developer Ubisoft won’t be releasing the new Nintendo Wii game “We Dare” in the U.S. Blame it on the United States’ timid view of sexuality and Nintendo’s reputation as a family-friendly brand, opines the video game news and opinion site Joystiq. Apparently, adolescent, non-overt sexual play is  dangerous to the moral fiber of U.S. families, while violent video games are not.

‘We Dare’ to be different, says Ubisoft

The “We Dare” Wii title will be released in the U.K., reports Ad Freak. Brits will be able to play the assortment of mini-party games that revolve around the motion-sensing capability of the Wiimote. One game challenges players to eat an apple hanging from a tree before their opponents, but beware – lips may touch. In other challenges, players perform pole dance motions to score points or spank teammates to propel them through the air like Superman. The on-screen content is rated PEGI 12 by the Pan European Game Information system. This means it is labeled suitable for ages 12 and older.

Blame it on the ad campaign, says IGN

“We Dare” depicts bright, cheery characters in “fairly non-sexual environments,” writes IGN. What prompted Nintendo U.S. to say no was perhaps the ad campaign, which has gone viral on YouTube. Two couples sit down after a romantic dinner to play “We Dare.” The apple game leads the couples into near make-out sessions with the Wiimote in the middle.

The general consensus among the U.S. video game press is that the worst “We Dare” could be called is slightly kinky, but that was enough for Ubisoft to come down from the Nintendo mountaintop with an “emphatic” proclamation that the game would not see the light of day in the U.S. Ubisoft even pulled down video advertising for “We Dare” on U.S. sites — too late to stop the meme of the sexy Wii game from spreading.

Many commentators, including reporter Michael Matuson of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College’s The Stallion Online, have pointed out that this mildly sexual game “We Dare” is banned in the U.S., but ultra-violent games remain permissible.

“Nations never rose and fell in the bedroom; they rose and fell on the business end of a sword or the muzzle of a rifle,” Matuson wrote.


Ad Freak:
The Stallion Online:

‘We Dare’ trailer with commentary (Warning: Uncomfortable comments involving uncles)

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