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An Indiana official was revealed as the Twitter user who advocated the use of “live ammunition” on pro-union protesters in Wisconsin. The Mother Jones website revealed Jeffrey Cox, a deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana, had advocated using deadly force on Wisconsin union activists through Twitter and on his blog. He has since been fired.

Lawyer for state of Indiana revealed as source of comments

The ongoing protests in Wisconsin over collective bargaining rights for union workers in government jobs has created a battleground between pro-union and anti-union advocates. When popular website posted on its Twitter page that Wisconsin state police were possibly going to be sent into the capital to clear crowds, a Twitter user with the user name  JCCentCom responded “use live ammunition,” according to MSNBC. An exchange followed between JCCentCom and Adam Weinstein, a copy editor for MotherJones, in which JCCentCom followed up that “deadly force” is appropriate to use when protesters are “threatening public officials.” The Twitter account and a now-defunct blog on called Pro Cynic were found to belong to Jeffrey Cox, a deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana.

Comments result in lawyer being fired

After calling pro-union demonstrators and members of unions such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) “thugs,” Cox went on to say that firing on protesters couldn’t be “murder” because it’s not illegal for police to use force. He also compared union employees  to the “brown shirts” or the “SA,” referencing the Sturmabteilung, the non-military Nazi party enforcers in Germany.  The comments were forwarded to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office, who conducted an internal review of the comments made. After MotherJones posted an article about Cox’s comments, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office announced that Jeffrey Cox had been fired.

Prank call on governor

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin was prank called by a New York based blogger named Ian Murphy posing as businessman David Koch, who was a hefty campaign contributor to Walker, according to the Los Angeles Times. In the phone call, Gov. Walker discusses strategy to lure Democratic congressmen back to Wisconsin and fool them into voting for his union-busting measures against collective bargaining. He also outlined a plan to systematically rid states of union employees working in government jobs. Walker has yet to comment on what he said.




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