Photo of someone with a migrain.
Serene Branson's slurred speech caught on camera was blamed on a migraine. CC by miss_rogue/Flickr

The speech issues in the Serene Branson viral video were most likely caused by a migraine. The viral video of Branson showed the reporter having speech issues, which was thought to be due to a stroke or the reporter being intoxicated. Serene Branson has been diagnosed and has recovered.

Serene Branson didn’t have a stroke

KCBS TV, a station in Los Angeles, sent Serene Branson to the Grammy Awards to cover the event. Once on camera, the reporter couldn’t talk clearly and seemed to be speaking nonsense, and the Serene Branson Grammy coverage video went viral. The station switched from the feed as quickly as possible, but not fast enough. The video has gone viral and was flagged as a reporter on air while drunk, while many other people thought that Serene Branson had a stroke. There were several medical tests done to confirm that Serene Branson did not have a stroke. MSNBC reports that the cause was a migraine. She said that she had felt numb on the right side of her face, had a hard time reading and couldn’t form clear thoughts. All these conditions together created her speech problem.

The pain of a migraine

A migraine is more than just an aggressive headache; it’s a complex event that takes place in the brain. A “migraine aura” was what Branson experienced, which presents with symptoms that can be much like a stroke, according to the Los Angeles Times. Not all migraines have a migraine aura. Those that do, says WebMD, can have symptoms including speech difficulties, numb face, lights being seen as blurry or brighter or even changes in vision.

Debilitating disorder

Those with migraines know how difficult it is. It can be hard to do anything. Some people get through them by just laying down for a few hours, but others aren’t so fortunate. They can be really hard to deal with, and those who experience migraine auras should get medical attention because auras can precede the most aggressive migraine headaches. The cause of migraines is not entirely known, but risk factors such as smoking and family history can increase the chance of migraines.

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