Photo of a razor blade.
A container of ice cream purchased at Walmart had a razor blade in it. CC by Hafenbar/Wikimedia Commons

Reports coming out of Texas say a woman who bit into a razor blade in her Great Value ice cream from Walmart. When Stephanie Granger first started eating her ice cream, it “tasted funny,” she said. Granger has said that she has no plans of suing Walmart. Instead, she just hopes that Walmart “reviews their safety procedures.”

Walmart ice cream razor bite

In Texas, Stephanie Granger wanted a snack for her movie. Great Value brand ice cream was what she chose. One spoonful of the ice cream, however, cut the inside of her lip. Granger found a broken razor blade in the ice cream. Walmart customer service was contacted, and she was told, “I’m sorry, I hope your day gets better.” Granger contacted the local media outlets, saying that she believes that the razor is “nobody’s fault” and just wants Walmart to review its safety procedures. Granger isn’t planning on suing Walmart.

Great Value ice cream not made by Walmart

People are buzzing that a woman bit into a razor blade in “Walmart ice cream,” but that’s not quite accurate. Walmart doesn’t directly manufacture the Great Value brand, though it is the Walmart house brand. Products are contracted out by Walmart and given the Great Value label. That means Walmart will need to contact the company that makes the ice cream and discuss the problem with them directly. Walmart is “opening a full investigation,” according to spokespeople.

Food findings

It is not uncommon to find foreign objects in manufactured food. It has been happening since food has existed in a manufactured form. Both the USDA and FDA are concerned about foreign objects in food. They address complaints that come in and take them seriously. Glass or other sharp objects are in a third of the foreign object in food reports.People who find foreign objects in their food are instructed to go to the food manufacturer and local health department as soon as possible.

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