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DMAE cream is increasing in popularity as an anti-aging product. DMAE was touted by a doctor in a widely viewed segment of “Dr. Oz” this week. The show launched a firestorm of hype about the anti-aging miracle of DMAE. Dermatologists don’t endorse DMAE cream, but some studies have shown cosmetic benefits, if not legitimate anti-aging effects.

Stopping facial sag with DMAE cream

Wrinkle and facial sagging is what DMAE cream supposedly reverses with the expensive anti-aging product. Face lifts are popular because facial sagging shows age. A standard face lift can cost $6,000 to $15,000, according to the Consumer Guide for Plastic Surgery. Less than two ounces of DMAE cream can cost as much as $80, depending on the marketing sophistication behind the brand. Unlike drug companies, cosmetics companies aren’t required by the FDA to prove with scientific evidence that products are safe and effective, but a 2005 Johnson & Johnson study found that DMAE cream may have anti-inflammatory effects that could tighten skin.

DMAE branded as the fountain of youth

The dimethylaminoethanol compound, which is what DMAE stands for, is found in the human brain naturally. DMAE has many natural sources. Salmon, anchovies and sardines are all included. DMAE has been researched far more as a potential drug than a topical agent. Some studies have found that memory and cognition are lost as time goes on when using DMAE.  DMAE has been used for anti-aging supplements that help learning, memory, sleep, energy and mood before the DMAE creams came along. In clinical studies, the DMAE user noticed the reduction in facial sagging but the observer didn’t notice nearly as much.

Talk of DMAE cream makes it more expensive

Many believe that DMAE creams are a face lift in a jar because of marketing and suggestions of scientific credibility. Dermatologists don’t seem too impressed, though. Since the 1990s, DMAE cream has been on the market. DMAE isn’t unsafe, but dermatologists suggest the expensive product works about as well as a cheap moisturizer. Compounds for DMAE aren’t complicated. As a matter of fact they are actually very cheap. Factoring in production costs of DMAE cream, it should cost less than $10.

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