Photo of a nun.
A nun in Brooklyn cried rape. CC by Attribution-ShareAlike/openphoto

A manhunt in Brooklyn has been called off. Police have stopped the hunt entirely after a story was recanted. A “large black man” was accused of attacking a nun in a back alley. The nun, however, admitted her claim of rape was false. She apparently made up the story to cover up a consensual encounter.

Nun’s rape story

A “large black man” was accused of rape a week ago by a nun in the order Apostles of Infinite Love. She says she was knocked out and dragged. Then, she said, she woke up with only half of her clothes on in a snowbank. Because nobody reported seeing this incident, police weren’t sure if the story was real. The police got the real story from the nun after the fake attacker’s sketches were put together.

Lies come from a Brooklyn nun

The Brooklyn nun, Mary Turcotte, had lied in order to cover what turned out to be a consensual encounter. A consensual encounter happened with the nun of the Apostles of Infinite Love about a week before this report surfaced. There was a bodega worker she snuck into her home. Her sisters didn’t know about this. A woman at the group home said Turcotte was going to move out and the order was going to get her help for her “emotional break.”

Apostles of Infinite Love organization

The sect Mary Turcotte is a member of, the Apostles of Infinite Love, started in 1936. Michael Collin defied the Pope’s authority over the Catholic church and deemed himself an anti-pope. The sect has dealt with in criminal and civil charges in court on several occasions. Abuses such as sexual abuse and rape were part of these proceedings. The group is called a cult in French media. It keeps a relatively low profile in Brooklyn, where Mary Turcotte and her sisters live.


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