Photo of Laura and Babara Bush.
Barbara Bush, right, is fighting for same sex marriages. Photo by White House Photos.

Barbara Bush is one of the daughters of former president George W. Bush. She has taken a political stance in support of marriage equality and given public support to the Human Rights Campaign. Barbara Bush is not the only political daughter that has taken this pro-gay-rights stance. Meghan McCain and Mary Cheney have both also spoken out in support of equal marriage rights.

Barbara Bush makes it apparent marriage equality is supported

Former president George W. Bush’s daughter talks about marriage equality in a video the Human Rights Campaign that was released Feb 1. The short-and-sweet video has a very simple message: Individuals should be able to marry whomever they love. Many are surprised that the video was released at all because Barbara Bush has been keeping a low profile since her dad left the white House

Barbara Bush in an HRC video

Political families contain different views of family

Barbara Bush is not the only individual with a big political name to speak out. Republican politicians including George W. Bush, John McCain and Dick Cheney have all publicly said they oppose same-sex marriage. The daughters of these three men think otherwise, and they have all come out against what their fathers say. Meghan McCain is a political commentator and author who has spoken out multiple times for gay rights. For the most part, Mary Cheney has stayed out of politics, but it’s public knowledge that she has a child with her lesbian partner.

Knowing about current marriage equality

For years there have been huge concerns with the legal status of same-sex couples marriages. The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military was recently overturned and is no longer a federal government policy. There are five states that allow same-sex marriage right now, while other states have passed constitutional amendments against it.

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