Photo of people on the Oregon Trail.
Oregon Trail the game is joining Facebook games. CC by Albert Bierstadt/Wikimedia Commons

The classic video games “Oregon Trail” and “Carmen Sandiego” are being added to Facebook games. For more than 20 years fans have loved these games. Kids love them because they’re fun; adults and schools love the educational value of both. The games are getting a makeover for a Facebook debut.

New Facebook games ‘Carmen Sandiego’ and ‘Oregon Trail’

Yahoo News reports that “Oregon Trail” and “Carmen Sandiego” will have new versions added to Facebook Games, and many Facebookers are excited. The games are old, but “Oregon Trail” and “Carmen Sandiego” both have large followings. The Learning Company makes the games, and Blue Fang Games has redone them for Facebook. The games have pleased both parents and children quite a bit.They are considered “edutainment” meaning they are educational and entertaining.


For more than two decades, computer users have enjoyed “Oregon Trail” and “Carmen Sandiego,” also known as “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” The first “Oregon Trail” was developed for the Apple II computer and was initially released in Minnesota in the mid-1970s as part of the public school computer network. By the 1980s, it had become a national sensation. It was played in millions of elementary schools while selling millions. Schools started to get “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” in 1985 when it was released. That became another game schoolchildren ended up playing a lot.

Fun and educational

The appeal behind both games was the educational aspect to playing them. The player in “Oregon Trail” had to successfully complete a series of challenges and manage a lot of different things in order to complete the trip. Even today, T-shirts are sold bearing the caption “You have died of dysentery,” which was a line from the game. The other game, “Carmen Sandiego,” was played helping children track down Carmen Sandiego who was a criminal. Many geographical clues were given for this.

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