Photo of a catupult.
Catapulting drugs from Mexico to the U.S. CC by C.K.H./Flickr

Border patrol authorities made an unusual discovery recently. A makeshift catapult was being used by drug smugglers to throw marijuana bags over the Mexican border into American territory. They were caught on film by the National Guard, who alerted Mexican law enforcement officials. The catapult was eventually seized by Mexican officials.

Mexican catapult for marijuana

Fighting the war on drugs has gotten more complicated. ABC explains that, at the U.S. and Mexico border, there was a marijuana-throwing catapult found. The National Guard caught on camera with night vision smugglers using a catapult to throw drugs over the border. Close to the Mexican border there are regular patrols for the National Guard. This is near Naco, Ariz. During the patrol, film was taken of a group of smugglers, who would tow the catapult on a flatbed trailer behind an SUV. On the American side, there were bags of marijuana that would end up there. These bags being tossed were more than four pounds each.

Discovery of drugs

The video was made by the National Guard. Mexican authorities were notified when the Guard saw the marijuana catapult. Mexican law enforcement officials showed up to apprehend the smugglers, who fled the scene and avoided being captured. The authorities took the 45 pounds of marijuana that was in four and a half pound bags, the SUV, the catapult and the trailer. The flatbed trailer was about seven feet long and folded was where the catapult was constructed. It was more than 10 feet tall with the throwing arm in place.

Ending the drug operation

The marijuana catapult and drug seizure certainly isn’t the biggest drug bust in recent memory. Months ago 20 tons of pot were confiscated in one bust. Smugglers no doubt will continue to show how creative they are when it comes to getting drugs over the border.

The pot catapult

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ABC News:

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