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Apple is taking security measures to keep their products on lock-down. CC by svartling/Flickr

Apple addicts are outraged by the Pentalobe screw. The pentalobe screw is a recently introduced component developed to thwart those who break open iPhones and other Apple products. Apple power users are crying foul and the pentalobe screwdriver is becoming a must-have among the technical elite.

All about the pentalobe screw

The pentalobe screwdriver is necessary for anyone to unscrew the pentalobe screw. This screw is a plot by Apple to make take away control from consumers, many angry technofiles suggest. The first place the pentalobe screw was seen was Japan. This was during the debut of the iPhone 4. At first, the new screw with a flowery head was suspected to be a Torx, Torx Security or Torx Plus. People started madly seeking pentalobe screwdrivers after many realized it was a pentalobe screw.

‘Pentalobe conspiracy’

Apple got the blame for messing with iPhones, but Apple was able to continue what some are calling “the pentalobe conspiracy.” The iPhone 4 concerned many when people started to realize the Phillips head screws in the iPhone case had been replaced. The fastener used was unrecognizable.The MacBook Air uses the pentalobe screw, and so do all new iPhones. An even more maddening aspect of the pentalobe screw is that there are now three different variations of it. It seems Apple isn’t trusting customers with its hardware anymore.

A pentalobe screwdriver will help

Most pentalobe screw outrage is from the do-it-yourself set., a site aimed at geeks, is selling the iPhone 4 Liberation Kit, which has the pentalobe screwdriver in it. The site accused Apple of “taking planned obsolescence to the next level.” There are a few people who are in favor of locking Apple owners out of their devices. Apple products get damaged all the time, Apple service techs say, and usually it has something to do with a user trying to replace the battery by prying open the product. Nowadays, more people are concerned about what a gadget does. Does the pentalobe screw bother you? The Android is always available.

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