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Homeless men strike again as one wins ESPN's Fantasy Football competition. CC by theogeo/Flickr

So far, 2011 seems to be the year of success stories for homeless individuals. The most recent story is of Massachusetts resident Nathan Harrington. While homeless, Harrington has won the 2011 ESPN fantasy football competition. The $3,500 Best Buy gift card prize has been sold, and Harrington intends to use the money to find an apartment.

Nathan Harrington’s story

Nathan Harrington, 33, lives in Salem, Mass. with his fianceé and son. Harrington in 2009 got into a car accident, which caused a lot of nerve damage. He wasn’t able to go back to work. He worked in marketing. Because of rat extermination, Harrington, his fianceé, and their 3-year-old son got evicted. Their belongings were put into storage.

Winning 2011 ESPN fantasy football

Though Nathan Harrington and his fianceé did not have a home, a computer or access to the internet, Harrington still participated in the ESPN fantasy football 2011 competition. Library computers and the computer at his father’s nursing home had to suffice. He called to ask friends to change things to his roster occasionally if he couldn’t get to a computer. By 0.8 points, his team won the Fantasy Football game as the Boston Beatdowns. A difference of only 0.8 points made him the winner.

2011 ESPN fantasy football will help homeless man have a future

Nathan Harrington received a $3,500 Best Buy gift card for winning the fantasy football competition. Rather than going on a shopping spree at the electronics store, Harrington chose to find an apartment — this time without rat problems. He had to sell his gift card to his mom for $2,500 to do this. Now many are hoping the headlines generated when a homeless man wins the ESPN fantasy football 2011 competition will help Nathan Harrington get a sports consulting gig, or an even better job.

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