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You are able to have a sex change and play for the same team still. CC by majorvols/Wikimedia Commons

The controversy over George Washington University student Kye Allums has reached a fever pitch. Kye, who is a female-to-male transgendered student, will continue to play basketball. He will be competing on the women’s team. This decision took consultation with the NCAA and several other groups. George Washington University, ultimately, made the  decision.

Change to a man for Kye Allums

A female who grew up as a tomboy — that was Kye Allums. He goes to George Washington and is 21 years old, and he says that he “always felt like a man trapped in a woman’s body.” Kye has been changing to a man in the last few months. He is a 5’11” guard and said, “I didn’t choose to be born in this body and feel the way I do.”

Playing for NCAA women’s basketball

Kye Allums got a scholarship to George Washington University in order to play on the NCAA woman’s basketball team. Kye still wishes to compete in basketball, though his transgender identity created a difficult situation for the University and the NCAA. The Women’s Sports Foundation talked to the school about it. The National Center on Lesbian Rights did also. A decision was finally reached about Kye Allums, who is still physically female though he identifies as a man. He will not be allowed to have any testosterone or drug therapy if he wants to continue to play on the women’s basketball team. NCAA rules make it so it isn’t allowed for players to have more testosterone than what is naturally produced in their bodies.

Gender divided sports are difficult

The transgender issue has been talked about although the situation with Kye Allums is NCAA basketball’s first. The Olympic athlete Caster Semenya was questioned. Her physical gender was investigated extensivly. Lana Lawless, a male-to-female transgender golfer, is suing the LPGA for the right to compete as a professional female golfer. There are some questioning whether the separation of men’s and women’s athletics should just be done away with. Either way, until sports are all co-ed, the issue of transgendered athletes will continue to come under debate.

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