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When Republicans and Democrats refuse to cooperate, it's "standing on principle." When children do it, it's a temper tantrum. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The 2010 election had some results that were very surprising and some not so surprising. For instance, the House of Representatives is now dominantly Republican. The Senate, on the other hand, seems to have to held on to a Democrat majority. Tea Party candidates garnered mixed results. However, the possibility exists that Congress will be near deadlocked as a result of party lines.

Election results could backfire

The majority of the House of Representatives is going to be occupied by Republicans, if the 2010 election voting results are being reported accurately. Granted, there isn’t anything intrinsically wrong with Republicans (or at least more wrong than what’s wrong with Democrats), but neither party is very cooperative. Some people call it standing on principle, which is billed as a good quality for officials, but it’s a negative quality in a 4-year-old. As a result of either party being unwilling to work with the other side, there is a possibility for deadlock in congress. That may be thought of as a good thing, but it isn’t. In fact, it’s supposed to be avoided. Sarah Palin has been bashing people for being realistic, which doesn’t exactly do credit to the people we consider authorities.

Across the pond

In Great Britain, there was a great deal of apprehension early this year over what’s called a hung parliament. A hung parliament is when an election puts nearly equal numbers of representatives into the legislature. As a result, no party has a majority, and no one can get any business taken care of. Tea Party people might say that’s a good thing, but the United Kingdom and every other parliamentary government in the world tries to avoid it like the plague or Randy Moss. Granted, there is something supposed to be special and American about everything we do as a nation, but what is bad for everyone else is probably bad for us.

If it looks like a duck

Though he has seemed willing to ban bacon should Obama enjoy a BLT, even John Boehner has realized that is best to “meet in the middle” with the president, according to the Huffington Post. Officials without the ability to compromise are not friends to democracy.


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