SCVNGR goes global

November 3, 2010

Photo of an iPhone screen
Will SCVNGR catch on or become another annoying app? CC by takamorry/Flickr

SCVNGR, an online service that is part social network, part game and part advertising platform, has expanded. SCVNGR services are going to be offered worldwide, rather than just in the U.S. This is partially thanks to a partnership with Google. A zombie virus is being spread by SCVNGR, but that is just one of the many services offered by the company.

Gaming including location with SCVNGR

Location is important with SCVNGR. This is because on Android and iPhone devices, the challenges are based on specific places. You can check into wherever you happen to be. Based on that place, there are points you can earn and certain games you can play. The places you can go are listed on your smartphone. Coupons and deals can be printed as you earn points and redeem them.

Whole world can play SCVNGR

SCVNGR was originally built on a platform that required users to manually add the location they were visiting. SCVNGR was for the U.S. It couldn’t be used anywhere else. Now SCVNGR and Places API from Google are working together so that gamers can play anywhere in the world. The Google API addition helps so you don’t have to enter  your location manually. It will update automatically.

SCVNGR creates a zombie horde

In order to market its new “social check-in,” SCVNGR has created a Zombie horde. Just like the “Dexter” game at San Diego Comic-Con 2010, SCVNGR is used as the transmission medium for a game. There were 10 originally “infected” phones, and the virus is spread every time a user “bumps” phones with a friend.

SCVNGR used in marketing

Business and social marketing is being done with SCVNGR that might be well received. Customers will continue going to new business and get excited about them if every visit to a business can be turned into a game. Just like “loyalty” cards and marketing stunts, SCVNGR offers a new way for businesses to pull in customers. SCVNGR is able to be downloaded on both the Android and iPhone. Get started and play.

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