Main body of Task Force Kitgum moves into Life Support Area Fist - Natural Fire 10 - US Army Africa - Uganda - 091015A1211N197c
It is unclear whether Uganda's government considers it necessary to use military force against homosexuals and “the gay agenda.” (Photo Credit: CC BY/U.S. Army Africa/Flickr)

The African nation of Uganda has allegedly had a law on the books for some time that makes homosexuality illegal, but it took a 2009 speaking engagement by conservative Christian Evangelical Scott Lively of Abiding Truth Ministries to stir the hornet’s nest into a furious hive of hatred. Soon afterward, it was proposed that the Ugandan penalty for homosexuality be increased to life in prison or death. This came just a few months after Lively’s talk in Uganda on “the gay agenda,” reports Vanguard.

Media outing gays is not OK, says court

BBC News reports that a Ugandan court has ruled that outing homosexuals is not allowed in the nation’s Rolling Stone newspaper, which has no ties to the American Rolling Stone magazine. It had been the publication’s agenda of late to publish names and photos of people (it claimed) were homosexual. The gay rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda requested that the practice cease, particularly because it had been documented that those outed by Rolling Stone Uganda in previous issues had been attacked in public. The headline “Hang them” was used with one article. The judge who heard the case was in favor of banning Rolling Stone’s outing practice. The publisher of the American magazine Rolling Stone is attempting to get the newspaper in Uganda to stop using the title.

Lively told Alan Colmes he doesn’t support killing homosexuals

While Scott Lively claims he doesn’t condone killing or imprisoning homosexuals – he said so on the Alan Colmes radio show, excerpted on Queerty – his statement that Uganda is “a Christian country” is troubling. Lively has publicly equated homosexuality with pedophilia and bestiality, a narrow-minded, fundamentalist view that seems to do his religious faith a disservice. However, there still exists some disagreement as to whether such things as pedophilia are “mortal sins.” Apparently the Hebrews only got hot under the collar about it if the perpetrator failed to put a ring on it, metaphorically speaking.


BBC News

Scott Lively has an agenda to pick with gays

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