Photo of a Samsung phone.
Samsung's tablet computer will provide another option for Verizon wireless customers. CC by Prunk/Wikimedia Commons

The latest tablet computer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, will be offered on the Verizon Wireless 3G network. A new tablet computer, the Tab will be available in early November. The $ 600 price tag may be the middle ground some are looking for.

Samsung Galaxy Tab from Verizon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is known as an Android-based tablet computer that runs on 3G. The Verizon iPad will be selling for $630; the Galaxy Tab is smaller than the iPad at seven inches across. A data plan will be offered with the Galaxy Tab from Verizon. The Tab will come out a couple of weeks after the iPad bundle starts to sell.

Should you get the Galaxy Tab or the Verizon iPad?

With the Galaxy Tab and iPad going head-to-head on the Verizon network, it could be a tough choice. The Galaxy Tab has several competitive advantages. It is easier to carry around as it is half the weight of the iPad. Also, it doesn’t require a MiFi gadget. The Galaxy Tab also has dual cameras, an SD card slot and double the RAM of an iPad. The Tab also supports Flash, unlike the iPad.

Galaxy Tab makes reading more clear

There are many consumers wondering whether the $600 price tag of the Galaxy Tab is worth it, given the smaller size. Reading is easier on the eyes because the pixel density of the Tab is higher. The Galaxy Tab does not, however, have the screen real estate of the iPad. The smaller screen doesn’t mean less expensive equipment — in fact, it can often mean more expensive components.

Weighing options

You have a few options if you are looking for a Verizon tablet. The Verizon Galaxy Tab doesn’t require extra accessories or program support. The iPad has a large screen though with longer battery life. In short, whether the Galaxy Tab or iPad on Verizon is best really depends on what you want to do with your tablet computer.



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