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Miss O and Friends has made its 20-year-old creator rich. CC by lawtonchiles/Flickr

According to, 20-year-old entrepreneur Juliette Brindak’s online network for girls, called Miss O and Friends, is currently valued at $15 million. It began with cartoon drawings but soon became an online social empire that outpaces the competition.

Juliette Brindak asked her family to step in

Juliette Brindak got her family involved after people started telling the young girl her drawings were good. Soon, the characters seemed to get their own lives. Young entrepreneur Brindak’s idea to start came when she saw what her older sister faced at 13: “Girls can be mean. Boys come into the picture, and school starts to get important. It’s just really stressful. I thought, ‘We should really start doing something for these girls’.” started in 2005

On, young girls can interact with their peers, seek advice and play games. It is basically a social network made for girls. Juliette Bindak employs more than 30 people, reports This includes her parents, interns, a webmaster, a lawyer and a psychologist. This tight network of employees helps provide a safe, secure and inviting place where teen girls can build self-esteem. Users are more interested in talking about their worries and dreams and less interested in being popular or fitting in.

Competing for her dream

Procter & Gamble invested in Juliette Bindak’s website, which ended up being valued at $15 million in 2008. Miss O and Friends is now so popular that it developed into a book deal. 120,000 copies of the book have sold. The popularity of is easy to prove, says Pro Entrepreneur Diary. If you look at Alexa traffic, you can see that Girl Scouts, Hello Kitty and Barbie weren’t even visited as much as this website. The “Kids Counsel” part of McClatchy Tribune publishes a column. Also, more than 7,000 classroom websites throughout the U.S. have the website in them.


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