Photo of a Tea Party member.
The NAACP still wants answers for the accused racism of the Tea Party. Photo by the White House

The NAACP and the Tea Party are at it again. The NAACP said during the summer that the Tea Party is racist, and the organization is repeating that argument in an official report. The report by the NAACP, titled “Tea Party Nationalism,” alleges that white supremacists, racists and bigots are tolerated by the membership of the movement.

Tea Party Nationalism report

Ties between Tea Party factions and “acknowledged racist hate groups” was pointed out in the report done by NAACP on Tea Party Nationalism. The NAACP Tea Party report explains that it isn’t trying to cover up any allegation over the movement. President of NAACTP, Ben Jealous made a forward to the report. He said that “sincere, principled people of goodwill,” tend to be who Tea Party members are. Then he says that Tea Party Nationalism has some connections with racist groups associated with the Tea Party that “should give all patriotic Americans pause.”.

Bad apples in the Tea Party

Racial epithets about President Obama were contained in Tea Party rallies. This is what the NAACP Tea Party report refers to. During a March 2010 protest against the health care bill, Tea Party National says there were incidents in which Tea Party members shouted racial slurs. In his forward, Jealous challenged Tea Party leaders to denounce the racism in its protests, as well as links the movement has to white supremacists and so-called “birthers” who deny that Obama is a U.S. citizen.

NAACP Tea Party resolution discovered

The NAACP members voted in order to condemn the Tea Party for racism last July. This was at a NAACP convention in Kansas City where the NAACP Tea Party feud began. The resolution ignited a media fight and certain Tea Party members reacted by calling the NAACP racist. The presence of racism is what the NAACP Tea Party resolution told Tea Party leaders to stop. It was a lot like Wednesday’s Tea Party Nationalism report. Tea Party rallies had racism at them, according to Tea Party Patriots. They also said it wouldn’t be tolerated if it were happening.

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