Photo of New York city.
Jimmy McMillan is fighting for lower rent in New York City. CC by Tony the Misfit/Flickr

Jimmy McMillan is becoming a viral video sensation. He is a candidate for governor of New York. The New York governor debate had a cast of colorful characters, but he managed to upstage Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino. There are several third party candidates. McMillan is running on the Rent is Too Damn High party platform. Though Cuomo and Paladino are the most likely candidates to make it to office, the spotlight was stolen at moments by some colorful third-party candidates. Interestingly enough, Kristin Davis, known as the alleged madam that hooked up her call girl Ashley Dupre with Eliot Spitzer, is one of the candidates as well.

Jimmy McMillan has one thing to say

There were a ton of third party candidates. Jimmy McMillan was the most noticed probably. The New York Daily News explains that Jimmy McMillan has a unique platform. The platform is that “Rent Is Too Damn High.” The main point the party wants to make is that rent, especially in New York City, is exorbitant. McMillan thinks that all other problems would go away if rent prices came down. McMillan wears black gloves at all times, which he says is because of Agent Orange as he was a in the Vietnam war. He said, “If you want to marry a shoe, I’ll marry you,” when asked his position on gay marriage. He won’t say anything bad about the other candidates, “as a karate expert,” he says.

Candidates with some color

There were other colorful candidates at the  debate as well. The New York governor debate featured the wildly inflammatory rhetoric of Republican candidate Paladino, and there was also Kristin Davis. Davis has done some high-profile matchmaking, supposedly. She is the one who got Ashley Dupre and Eliot Spitzer together, sources say. Anti-Prohibition is Davis’ platform. It’s basically a Libertarian platform. She thinks that the government could make much more money if marijuana, prostitution and gambling were all made legal.

Next, Cuomo comes out

Democrat Andrew Cuomo merely had to hang on for the ride to appear the sanest man in the room. That aside, New York State is in a budget crisis that needs resolving. The Tea Party Favorite is Paladino. Of course, voters probably didn’t approve of all his  inflammatory rhetoric .

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