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Fallout New Vegas is due to be released. CC by theaudi0slave/Flickr

For lovers of Fallout, “Fallout New Vegas” reviews are just enough to whet their appetites. The game is available for Sony PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and PC. “Fallout New Vegas” will be given a full U.S. release on Tuesday. There are enemies, weapons and even difficulty settings new to “Fallout New Vegas.”

Reviews of ‘Fallout New Vegas’ celebrate extra options

Many of the “Fallout New Vegas” reviews focus on the options the game gives you. Like the previous three Fallout games, “Fallout New Vegas” immerses players completely in the world it creates by providing many options. There were many reviews of “Fallout New Vegas.” These reviews made it clear that the two modes, regular and “hardcore,” are going to be exciting. There are also factions in the New Vegas desert that you can ally yourself with and against. Beyond just “good” or “bad,” characters can now have affiliations with groups that affect gameplay. The game cost a lot of money and took a lot of time to create all the options. Just developing the Vegas strip took years and millions of dollars.

Hardcore level in ‘Fallout New Vegas’

The new “hardcore” level is getting the most discussion in reviews of “Fallout New Vegas.” On this level, keeping your character alive is more than just a matter of hit points and health. You need to focus on hydration, health and rest. These will affect your character. Also, weight in ammo is important on the hardcore level, which means carrying around 50 mini-nukes just because you can will no longer fly. But players have the option to turn off hardcore.

New weapons in ‘Fallout New Vegas’ reviews

Fallout gameplay is quite different now. “Fallout New Vegas” has been updated quite a bit. One feature that is sure to make “Fallout New Vegas” even more exciting, though, is the weapons. There are grenade machine guns! Also, the aiming system is improved with the solar-based lasers. In short, “Fallout New Vegas” is the “Fallout” players love, in the city they love, with gameplay they will love even more.

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