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Did Apple really find a way to stop "sexting?" CC by SimonDoggett/Flickr

Apple, Inc. was awarded yet another patent Tuesday morning; the U.S. Patent office awarded “anti-sexting technology” protection. Intended as a filter to control kids’ and teens’ text messaging, the program goes beyond just sexting. Though Apple has not yet integrated the technology with its full product line, it can. The programming will be able to read and control almost all text communication.

Technology patent for anti-sexting

The “anti-sexting” programming by Apple computers has gotten the company a solid patent. The program is written in such a way that it reads and takes action based on the “content and intent” of a message, rather than on particular words or phrases used. There already tools available that do the same thing, however, Apple claims its tool works the best  because of the criteria it uses to judge the content of messages. The program is intended only to monitor text messaging. Images aren’t monitored.

Programming for anti-sexting does more than that

The anti-sexting product from Apple can do more than just control sexting, according to the patent application. A specific number of a certain kind of text can be required to be sent with the program. It could also block messages with grammar and spelling errors from being sent. The program is really diverse in the ways that it can monitor and regulate texting. Pretty much any criteria on texting can be set.

Products for text message control still available

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of current applications and programs intended to help limit or control text messaging. TigerText deletes text messages to keep them private. A GPS app makes it so texting is turned off when going a certain speed. One app allows only certain phone numbers and people to be texted, and the program stops all other texts.

The right to sexting

Many are concerned about something else other than the patent of anti-sexting that Apple has received. Does this violate people’s rights? Some think that controlling the use of communication with cell phones for children and teenagers is something that has to happen. This could be a problem for adults though. Their conversations might end up recorded and monitored.

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