Agent Josh Luchs spills beans on paying college athletes
It's no secret that agents like Josh Luchs have paid college athletes for some time. (Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

Don’t be shocked by the recent admission by former sports agent Josh Luchs that he paid college athletes. Sports insiders are quick to point out that elite-caliber college athletes have been taking money under the table for some time, largely without the NCAA’s notice. What Josh Luchs told Sports Illustrated is the tip of the iceberg.

Josh Luchs paid players and has no regrets

According to USA Today, John Luchs said that the NCAA and the NFL Player’s Association “should be working together with individual states” and universities to regulate how agents and amateur athletes interact. However, that doesn’t happen. Player representation is big business, and securing top players translates into major profit. Josh Luchs says he paid or gave gifts to players including Jonathan Ogden, Jamir Miller, Chris Mims and others.  Luchs says he “doesn’t regret anything.”

Should college players be paid?

The ongoing argument is whether amateur collegiate athletes should be paid to play. The Sports Digest writes while some believe that scholarships are enough, others recognize that elite student athletes generate millions in merchandising and gate revenue. This makes the argument that athletes and their families deserve a piece of the pie seem reasonable.

Universities are for-profit

Syracuse University finance professor Dr. Boyce Watkins is a firm believer in paying college athletes. He recently told Your Black World that NCAA March Madness makes “more money in advertising revenue for the NCAA and its universities than the World Series and the Super Bowl combined.” College coaches, who are paid millions at the elite NCAA Division I level, are retained if their teams win, not if their athletic program successfully graduates players.

Meanwhile, the NCAA perpetuates a system designed to control rather than protect amateur athletes, Watkins argues. Athletes and their families should benefit from the same multimillion-dollar endorsements that the NCAA and its universities do. Athletic departments may run in the red at all but the most elite athletic schools because of a lack of recruiting power and the obligation to fund sports that hemorrhage cash (thanks in part to Title IX), but that doesn’t mean the NCAA is broke. It’s a successful corporate cartel that restricts free competition.


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