Photo of an Android phone screen.
The Droid Pro may send the Blackberry to its grave. CC by laihiu/Flickr

Scientists have long been seeking the “missing link” — and it has been found, at least in the smartphone market — in the Droid Pro. The Droid Pro has the form and function of a Blackberry. At the same time, it is designed and built to use the Android operating system. Specifically designed for businesses, Droid Pro has been called the “killer” of RIM’s business dominance.

Specifics of Droid Pro

The Droid Pro by Motorola was announced as a part of a six-phone rollout by the manufacturer. The layout of the phone is like a Blackberry in that it is portrait style. It also has a built in keyboard like the Blackberry has. The operating system for the Android is pretty nifty. It has 512 MB of RAM, global roaming and a 1 GHz processor. The Droid Pro is very business friendly. Part of this is because of the full enterprise support that it has. Onboard encryption is supporte by the multi-VPN network. It also supports complex passwords.

Crossing the Blackberry line with the Droid Pro

Blackberry is used by businesses and governments still for one reason — all the security that comes with it. Encryption is almost unbreakable thanks to Research in Motion, the Canadian company that makes the Blackberry devices. The business functions also help make the Blackberry very popular. The Droid Pro, however, may well give RIM a run for its money.

Will Droid Pro replace the Blackberry?

Many say the Droid Pro is a “kill shot” because so many are already switching from Blackberry to Android devices. It probably won’t really kill Blackberry, though. Though Android is a powerful operating system, and the Droid Pro has built-in security features that make it attractive to the business consumer, it may not match up. The Blackberry PlayBook is going to hit the market soon which will work for the competition while RIM devices are why Blackberry is popular to begin with.

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