Picture of a breast cancer ribbon.
"Pink your Drink" has breast cancer groups upset. CC by pfala/Flickr

Hawking pink products to go with all the pink ribbons during Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn’t out of the ordinary. However, Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s products may not be welcome. According to USA Today, the alcoholic beverage manufacturer is hawking its latest seasonal brew, Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade. Mike’s is giving some of the money to breast cancer research. However, the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute state that even moderate consumption of alcohol can contribute to breast cancer, so the Mike’s campaign sends a mixed message that many feel is hypocritical.

Pink your drink in order to learn cancer risks

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and its supporters really appreciate the pink clothes and pink make up people wear in support. Many aren’t sure what to think about Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade yet. And Mike’s isn’t alone. There are others coming out with pink alcoholic beverages. Other companies are advertising things like pink champagne, pink wine and pink vodka. IndyPosted.com reports that this is all for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If the ultimate goal is to sell product, then telling people to “pink their drink” in support of breast cancer may be a great idea. Unfortunately, it is a bad idea to tell people to drink alcoholic beverages to prevent breast cancer.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars raised because of Pink Your Drink

Pink vodka and liqueur are made by Chambord to raise money. The Breast Cancer Network of Strength has received $50,000 in donations from Chambord already. More than $500,000 has been donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation because of Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade. This is what Phil O’Neil, the company president, reports. Nonetheless, Mike’s doesn’t deserve a medal, according to Barbara Brenner of Breast Cancer Action. USA Today reports Brenner saying that “Anybody trying to sell alcohol to promote breast cancer awareness should be ashamed of themselves.”

Some breast cancer charities accept the money, others don’t

While the Breast Cancer Research Foundation takes money from Mike’s Hard Lemonade, foundation spokeswoman Anna DeLuca tells USA Today that her organization “in no way, shape or form endorses the consumption of alcohol.” Donations from alcoholic beverage companies aren’t even accepted by many organizations.

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