Apollo Launch
With nothing like NASA to occupy the imagination, stupidities like the Cigar Guy fill the void. Image from Wikimedia.

Ever since the advent of the internet, incredibly trivial things like the “cigar guy” phenomenon have received lots of attention. The “cigar guy” is a person in the background of a picture of Tiger Woods at the Rider Cup who is smoking a cigar. It has become quickly very popular. Some people get exasperated that a man smoking a cigar is even worthy of mention. However, there could be a reason as to why it commands attention.

NASA to blame for rise of inanities

The only explanation for anyone caring at all about the “cigar guy” Ryder Cup photo is that there is little going on to capture people’s imaginations. There is something that can be blamed for people’s attention to the inane: NASA is the culprit. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is also on the hook for Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and the Mel Gibson tapes. No one would know who Bristol Palin is if not for NASA. If it weren’t for the space program, cats and cheeseburgers (with a “z”) would not be associated whatsoever. No faces would be booked, nor tweets tweeted, were it not for NASA.

How NASA is to blame

The reason why things like the “cigar guy” Tiger Woods photo get noticed is because there is nothing to occupy the collective imaginations of people. The reason why is that on July 20, 1969, man landed on the moon. Bear in mind that the automobile didn’t exist 100 years prior to that. If there was a peak to our civilization, that was it. After Apollo 11, there has been no accomplishment nearly as dramatic. People, in other words, have gotten bored. Since then, all NASA has done is landed a robot on Mars and shot a few satellites around. The moon landing was our peak as a culture.

Head space

With nothing like the promise, wonder and amazement of man entering the universe, minutiae is all that is left. People with nothing to inspire them the way NASA was able to will turn to the insipid to distract themselves from the void that has been left. Perhaps a Mars landing will turn things around. Houston, we have a problem — and it’s your fault.

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