Kandahar carnage means the U.S. should leave sooner, not later
Bombings in Kandahar Tuesday are the type of carnage that will go on until President Obama cuts U.S. losses and leaves Afghanistan. Image: CC DC Atty/Flickr

Kandahar was in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons Tuesday. The Taliban insurgency fighting U.S. and Afghan forces set off explosions in Kandahar that killed 12 innocent people and wounded 26 more. The deputy mayor of this city in southern Afghanistan was gunned down while he was praying in a mosque. In the misguided Afghanistan war, news of the latest carnage sheds light on just how much suffering our country is forcing a people to endure for the sake of their “liberation.”

Afghanistan: Deja vu all over again

The war in Afghanistan, after nine years, continues to go nowhere despite a “surge” of 30,000 additional troops last summer. Military men and women from many countries pressured into the conflict by the U.S. continue to give up their lives for nothing. While the U.S. and its allies have been stuck in the Afghan muck, al Qaeda, the terrorists who lured us there in the first place, have left. Now, we’re blowing blood and treasure fighting the people we say we’re liberating. More than 35 years after the Vietnam War, it’s deja vu all over again.

The definition of insanity

Afghanistan is the Taliban’s country — they’re not going anywhere. They’re fighting for their homeland and have no choice but to stand their ground. They have nowhere else to go. U.S. soldiers, Marines and airmen can look forward to going home and hope it won’t be in a body bag. Despite overwhelming weapons and technology, the U.S. military will never defeat the Taliban because Afghan guerrillas will never stand toe to toe and fight their enemy on its own terms. As long as the exceedingly corrupt Afghan regime that the U.S. supports remains in power, the Taliban insurgency will fight, and innocent civilians will die.

No time like the present

Little can be expected to happen in the Afghanistan war — except more killing and destruction — before U.S. forces begin a scheduled withdrawal from combat in July 2011. Amend Karzai’s corrupt Afghan regime will still be propped up by the U.S. The Taliban will still be hiding in the hills biding its time. More Afghan civilians and American, Canadian, Briton, German, Dutch and other NATO soldiers will be killed. The Obama administration is hoping it can declare victory in time for the 2012 presidential election. Declaring victory won’t change anything. Why not do it now, get the hell out and save countless lives?

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